Launceston Mad Keane Photographer Wins At The Loupe Awards

Launceston Mad Keane Photographer Wins At The Loupe Awards


Andrew  is not the only award winning photographer in the Mad Keane Photography stable.  Richard Cowling, our secondary wedding and portrait photographer is an award winning photographer in his own right.  This month he increased the size of his awards list when he entered the 2012 International Loupe Awards.


The 2012 Loupe Awards


The International Loupe Awards, is one of the world’s richest online photography competitions. This is the 4th year of the competition, which is open to professional and amateur photographers worldwide. With a total prize pool of over US$80,000, including a first prize in the Open competition of US$20,000 in cash, the competition attracts some of the best international professional and amateur photography.  This year Richard our second shooter decided to enter four of his images in the competition.


Richard’s Entries


As well as being a terrific wedding photographer, Richard has a passion for photographing Tasmania’s more remote and beautiful landscapes and the people that live there. He is often seen driving throughLaunceston at 3.30am on his way to some location so he can get there in time to capture the sunrise.  Here are his four entries.



Launceston Wedding Photography Early Morning Calm

Early Morning Calm

This image of the jetty at the coastal fishing  town of St Helens scored a Bronze Award


Launceston Wedding Photography - Storm

Midlands Storm

This image of a brooding storm rolling in over the field in the midlands of Tasmania also scored a Bronze Award.



Launceston Wedding Photography - Old Boat House

The Old Boat House – Cradle Mountain

This image of a the iconic World heritage listed Cradle Mountain not only scored a Silver Award but was placed in the list of top 50 Landscape  entries for the entire completion!  I’ve seen this one printed out and framed, I it looks great.


Launceston Wedding Photography - Old Man of the Sea

Old Man of the Sea

This title, borrowed from Hemingway, shows a grizzled old fisherman who has spent his whole life on the small and remote island off Tasmania, Flinders Island.  The black and white really captures his spirit, worn down but not beaten by the wind, sea and time.  This received a Silver Award and was judged the 14th best image in the Portrait category for the whole competition.


Finishing in the top 50 in such a large competition is a remarkable achievement and doing so twice even better.


Congratulations Richard.




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