International Loupe Awards 2013

Several Awards for Mad Keane Photography


The International Loupe Awards were established in 2008 with a mission beyond that of most photographic competitions: To deliver opportunities that ensure wider exposure for photographers and allow them to gauge the perception of their work on the world stage”.  However, this is the first year I have found the time to enter them.  I submitted images to the International Loupe Awards 2013, which I had personally enjoyed shooting and thought best represented my unique style.  Overall that came to six portraits and one wedding image.


Silver Awards – Portraiture I was quite pleased to win six silver medals in the Amateur Portrait and Illustrative categories.

Silver Awards – People & Portraits



Silver Awards – Illustrative




Bronze Award – Wedding

I was really wrapped to win an award in the open wedding section.  When you are going up against the best in the world like Jerry Ghionis, Keda Fang, Michael Chan, and Jose Luis Guardia Vazquez it’s great to get any sort of placing.  The scores for this image were really varied, which goes to show how subjective it is.  One judge from Great Britain gave me 94 whilst my lowest score was 70 from a Spanish judge.    Feedback on improvement ranged from suggesting it would be better if they were just looking at each other instead of kissing (fair enough I suppose) to having the couple in the middle of the image (which I think would look stupid).  One judge loved the processing painterly look, another hated it.



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  1. Lizzie bassett December 12, 2013 at 2:02 pm #

    Great work son.

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