Madmen Themed Engagement Shoot

Madmen Themed Engagement Shoot – 1960s Style


Engagement Photography – Belinda and Mark

Date | 23.11.13

Location: The Northern Club, Launceston

Launceston Wedding Photographer | Andrew Keane & Richard Cowling

Make Up Artist | Tahnii Marquis

Hair Stylist | Lara Gebka

Sunbeam Alpine Courtesy of Apple Isle Sports Car Hire

Mad Keane Photography recently did a 1960s Madmen Themed Engagement Shoot.  Themed shoots are a great way to have an engagement session that’s a bit different and far more fun than the usual stuff you see everywhere.  I mean there are only so many park shots and holding hands shots you can do, without it getting a bit staid.  I am always up for a themed shoot and was wrapped when Belinda and Mark agreed.  They wanted something different that had a bit of drama, romance and elegance without it being schmoozy, tacky or too saccharine.

I am a fan of the cinematography of the show Mad Men.  Mad Men is set in the 1960s, initially at the fictional Sterling Cooper advertising agency on Madison Avenue in New York City and has received widespread critical acclaim, particularly for its historical authenticity, visual style, costume design, acting, writing, and directing, and has won many awards, including fifteen Emmys and four Golden Globes.  I just like the colours they sue and the outfits which just ooze class and elegance from a bygone era when people took time to dress up.  I suggested a Mad Men theme and they agreed.

Belinda & Mark-99.jpg

The Northern Club at 61 Patterson Street in Launceston is a great old hotel that fitted the bill perfectly with its stylish décor, bar, big sweeping windows and leather seats.  It just looked like somewhere Frank Sinatra would have stayed at.  I recommend this place, especially for a great business lunch on Tuesdays.  They let us shoot there one Saturday for which I am really grateful.  We mainly used a video light for this as I wanted to capture images with more contrast and harshness to try to recreate an old fashioned look.  Post work mainly consisted of cross processing the images to bring out the yellows and blues to create a vintage photo look.

To set the scene we bought an old vintage little black dress from a local vintage shop and I scoured the Op Shops for old magazines, hats, clutch purses etc. to sue as props to make the shoot look authentic.  It’s amazing what you can find in these places.  I picked up an old mag, a purse, hat, sunnies all for about $20.

It is also important to get the hair and makeup authentic looking.

Kara Gebka did a great job with an early sixties style hairdo on Belinda and Tahnii Marquis did a fantastic job with the makeup to create a 60s look.  The style back then was for strong defined eye-brows and eye lashes, lots of mascara, and matte coloured lips and Tahnii nailed the look completely.

The top of the day, Apple Isle Sports Car Hire lent us a 1960s Sunbeam Alpine which I got to drive to the venue.  What a great car, I hated giving it back.  These guys are a great company with some amazing classic cars including a Delorean of Back to the Future Fame.  I would certainly recommend them if you want to hire a nice sports car to tour Tassie in.  You can find more about them here at this link.

Finally a big thank you to Mark and Belinda, a lovely couple, for being willing to try something different and fun.  Great work guys.


Here are just a few of the images we captured that day.


Belinda & Mark-107.jpgBelinda & Mark-114.jpgBelinda & Mark-128.jpgBelinda & Mark-129.jpgBelinda & Mark-151.jpgBelinda & Mark-159.jpgBelinda & Mark-167.jpgBelinda & Mark-180.jpgBelinda & Mark-198.jpgBelinda & Mark-211.jpgBelinda & Mark-215.jpgBelinda & Mark-26.jpgBelinda & Mark-28.jpgBelinda & Mark-3.jpgBelinda & Mark-59.jpgBelinda & Mark-97.jpg



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