Fitness Photography Inveresk

Fitness Photography – Inveresk

Model – Ktima

Date | 19.06.14

Location: Inveresk Tramyard and Museum, Launceston

Launceston Portrait Photographer | Andrew Keane

Lighting | Liam Keane

Fitness Photography  Inveresk – Recently I did a fitness shoot with the very fit and extremely strong Ktima down at the Inveresk precinct in Launceston.  Ktima was competing in International Natural Bodybuilding Association the following weekend in Melbourne and wanted to capture images with a gritty grungy urban style of fitness photography for which we are well known. The Inveresk area is great for this type of shoot, if you look carefully around the venue with a photographer’s eye you can find all sorts of amazing backgrounds.  I must add though, that at 9am in Tasmania during the winter, it was not the ideal time of year to be stripping down to lightweight gym gear.  Poor Ktima must have been freezing, but she was great to work with and we captured some really dramatic images, which I think perfectly showed just how hard she had been working on her physique and fitness.   These shots were all taken with one huge octabank as a key light, with a small speedlight fired as a slave as fill off camera.  I put a grid on the octabank just to give the light a bit more fall off and drama. Of course I also did a composite, putting Ktima into the Paris skyline with the sun beaming down from above light a spotlight.  Throw in a nice motivational fitness line on the images and we have a photograph je pense que c’est fantastique   UPDATE: Since we took these images, Ktima won third place in her division at the championships.  Seeing as she was competing for the first time and was up against more than 300 entries, I think she had extremely well.        

Ktima Web sized-15.jpgKtima Web sized-2.jpgKtima Web sized-20.jpgKtima Web sized-21.jpgKtima Web sized-22.jpgKtima Web sized-34.jpgKtima Web sized-49.jpgKtima Web sized-54.jpgKtima Web sized-56.jpgKtima Web sized-60.jpg

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Trierenberg Super Circuit, Austria 2014

Acceptances at the Trierenberg Super Circuit, Austria 2014


In the last two decades, the Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique has conducted the Trierenberg Super Circuit in Austria. The circuit has attracted hundreds of thousands of pictures from nearly all countries around the world. It is by far the largest annual salon of photography on the globe. Of the thousands accepted only few are accepted for exhibition at the four salons and even less win gold or get published.

Their website states that their aim is:

To find out the very best photography from different styles, techniques and genres. The TRIERENBERG SUPER CIRCUIT has established as an international benchmark of perfect photography. Not only amateur photographers, but also internationally well known artists and professionals have been participating. We invite you to visit our Hall of Fame to browse through our “Who is Who” of the worlds best photographers. It is the task of an international panel of judges to select the very best entries and to distribute prestigious awards. Cash money awards, the Victoria statue for the overall winner as well as trophies and medals will be given.


This year I submitted these four images.

The judging this year was particularly tough, so I was stoked when all four of my portraits were all accepted and displayed in all four salons in Innsbruck, Wien, Bregenz and Linz amongst the world’s best images.



 My Four Submissions

Here are my four submissions, including ‘Storm of Swords’, (insert obligatory Game of Thrones reference) the image that won last years LPS Print Image of the Year.

boxer.jpgKate Snow no logo.jpgSkye-58 as Smart Object-1.jpgStorm.jpg

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Zoe & Cameron’s Stormy Wedding

Zoe & Cameron’s Stormy Wedding


Date | 1 May 2014

Launceston Wedding Photographer |Andrew Keane & Jacob Keane

Location | Penguin Beach, Penguin

Weather | Bucketing Down


Zoe and Cameron are from Victoria and flew down only this week to get married at Zoe’s parent’s home at Penguin.

Zoe’s parent’s home is a lovely rural property on the coast, which basically has its own secluded little rocky beach, kind of like a miniature Binalong Bay at St Helens, lots of red rocks everywhere and very pretty.  The ceremony was going to be outside on the beach and I’m sure it would have been lovely.  I say ‘would have been’ because the night before the wedding Tassie does what Tassie does best, and rained heavily.  The day of the wedding though, it didn’t rain…IT POURED DOWN – ALL DAY LONG!!  You know that rain that justs settle in over a uniform grey sky and never stops all day long.  Hence the title of the blog post, Zoe & Cameron’s Stormy Wedding.

Zoe had to get married on the balcony in the lounge room, just so she and Cameron could stay dry.  Being from Victoria they probably found it pretty cold, though I didn’t mind it so much.  Neither Zoe or Cameron let the weather stop them, and the wedding itself was a lovely intimate ceremony with close friends and family, laughter, a few tears and Milo the dog, who had dressed up for the occasion and doubled as the photobomber.

After the ceremony Zoe & Cameron braved the elements, and we were able to capture some really amazing dramatic imagery against the stormy sky, rain and waves, including being lucky enough to capture a lightning bolt in one shot, that I didn’t even see until I got home and saw it in the camera.

Thanks for letting us capture the memories of the day guys.  It may not have been sunny, but is certainly was memorable, and kind of fun in the wild winds.  I’m busy working on your images, but here are a selected few favourites of mine from the day as a sneak peak.









Launceston Wedding Photography Zoe Cameron-1.jpgLaunceston Wedding Photography Zoe Cameron-2.jpgLaunceston Wedding Photography Zoe Cameron-11.jpgLaunceston Wedding Photography Zoe Cameron-14.jpgLaunceston Wedding Photography Zoe Cameron-3.jpgLaunceston Wedding Photography Zoe Cameron-17.jpgLaunceston Wedding Photography Zoe Cameron-13.jpgLaunceston Wedding Photography Zoe Cameron-4.jpgLaunceston Wedding Photography Zoe Cameron-5.jpgLaunceston Wedding Photography Zoe Cameron-12.jpgLaunceston Wedding Photography Zoe Cameron-10.jpgLaunceston Wedding Photography Zoe Cameron-7.jpgLaunceston Wedding Photography Zoe Cameron-9.jpgLaunceston Wedding Photography Zoe Cameron-16.jpgLaunceston Wedding Photography Zoe Cameron-8.jpgLaunceston Wedding Photography Zoe Cameron-15.jpg

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Trina & Graeme’s Autumn Wedding

Trina & Graeme’s Autumn Wedding


Date | 12 April 2014

Launceston Wedding Photographer |Andrew Keane & Katrina Keane

Location | Altona Gardens

Make Up Artist | Katie Hooper [link]

Wedding Decorations | Altona Gardens

I hope you guys are enjoying your honeymoon in Vanuatu.  Here are some sneak peek images to tide you over until you return.   Thanks guys for choosing our studio. Trina & Graeme came to see us with only a few weeks to go before their wedding, but luckily we actually had that weekend free.  I am so glad it was as I had never photographed a wedding at Altona Gardens and was keen to see what it was like.  Having now checked it out, I can recommend it.  The property is very small but manages to cram in every type of wedding location into its grounds possible.  We were able to photograph Trina & Graeme against a backdrop of  bridges, lakes, row boats, arbours, seats, swings, and beautiful autumn trees all with 500 metres walk of each other. I’ve been to other huge venues that have all these things, but you spend half the shoot walking between them all.  Trina looked beautiful framed against the tree s walking over the bridge on the way to the see Graeme for the first time that day. Here are some of my favourites.

Launceston Wedding Photography-15.jpgLaunceston Wedding Photography-16.jpgLaunceston Wedding Photography-1.jpgLaunceston Wedding Photography-2.jpgLaunceston Wedding Photography-3.jpgLaunceston Wedding Photography-4.jpgLaunceston Wedding Photography-14.jpgLaunceston Wedding Photography-5.jpgLaunceston Wedding Photography-10.jpgLaunceston Wedding Photography-11.jpgLaunceston Wedding Photography-6.jpgLaunceston Wedding Photography-12.jpgLaunceston Wedding Photography-13.jpgLaunceston Wedding Photography-7.jpgLaunceston Wedding Photography-8.jpgLaunceston Wedding Photography-9.jpg

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Mieke and James Wedding

Mieke and James Wedding


Date | 22 February 2014

Location | Josef Chromy Winery

Launceston Wedding Photographers | Andrew & Katrina Keane 

Reception | Josef Chromy Winery

Celebrant | Barb Youd

Bridal Waltz | That’s Amore – Local Band

Registry Song | Dream A Little Dream of Me – Robbie Williams & Lilly Allen


Mieke and James were married on a warm and  breezy day at the Josef Chromy Winery in Relbia, Tasmania.  As is oft too common with a summer wedding, the light was harsh and strong that day, but the laughter and love was stronger still so we still made some killer shots.

My highlight of the day, the wedding dance.  Everyone was expecting the bog standard bit of 1980’s big hair band balladry which is oh so common these days.  Fortunately I had been warned what was to come as the radiant couple hit the dance floor whilst the band started up with That’s Amore – that ole Dean Martin classic.  This was no Tassie two-step either, but a whirling, swirling delight that had everyone gasping initally in surprise thenand cheering madly.


Other highlights – Mieke’s Grace Kelly like hair, which glowed like a field of wheat in the sun , a glow only matched by her radiant smile.  James’  reception rendition of how he proposed (long story and you had to be there, but trust me it was damn funny), and all the ladies who put didn’t  think a photographer saying, ‘Ladies I have a great idea with you all involving bean bags on the balcony’ was all that peculiar a request.


Here are a few of my personal favourites.




Mad Keane Wedding Photography-1.jpgMad Keane Wedding Photography-2.jpgMad Keane Wedding Photography-3.jpgBride-46.jpgBride-71.jpgMad Keane Wedding Photography-4.jpgBride-70.jpgMad Keane Wedding Photography-5.jpgMad Keane Wedding Photography-15-2.jpgMad Keane Wedding Photography-6.jpgCeremony-11.jpgMad Keane Wedding Photography-7.jpgMad Keane Wedding Photography-8.jpgMad Keane Wedding Photography-9.jpgMad Keane Wedding Photography-10.jpgMad Keane Wedding Photography-11.jpgMad Keane Wedding Photography-14.jpgMad Keane Wedding Photography-15-3.jpgMad Keane Wedding Photography-12.jpgMad Keane Wedding Photography-13.jpgMad-Keane-Wedding-Photography-12a.jpgMad Keane Wedding Photography-15.jpg


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Tasmanian Air Adventures Photography




Last week I was commissioned to do my second shoot for CPA’s INTHEBLACK Magazine, the company desired some Tasmanian Air Adventures Photography.  This time it was a series of photographs of Tim Robertson, the Director of Operations for Tasmanian Air Adventures.

INTHEBLACK, CPA Australia’s flagship publication, is Australia’s most-widely circulating monthly business magazine. It features interviews with strategic business leaders from Australia and around the world, as well as in-depth practical analysis of technical issues, commentary and opinion. CPA Australia is one of the world’s largest accounting bodies, making INTHEBLACK essential reading for today’s business leaders.


Tasmanian Air Adventures Photography with the 1964 Beaver

The company operates seaplane tours from the Hobart waterfront using a 1964 DeHavilland DHC-2 Beaver, the most widely used commercial seaplane in the world.  The Beaver is a Canadian-built aircraft and is perfect  for getting to some of  Tasmania’s pristine, yet hard to reach, wilderness areas.  It does the most amazing flights over World heritage Areas such as Wineglass Bay, Cradle Mountain and Port Arthur.


Unfortunately, we only had time to shoot for 20 minutes whilst the plane was moored at the Hobart Docks as the plane had to depart for vistas more scenic .  Still the Hobart Docks are still reasonably pretty, even in the middle of the day.  It was pretty harsh lighting by 10 am with the light bouncing off the water, still the plane especially came out a treat with its red and white paintwork and huge chrome prop.  Here are just a few images from the shoot.  I’m looking forward to see how they come out in the magazine.




Tasmanian Air Adventures Mad Keane Photography Blog.jpgLaunceston Wedding Photographer Mad Keane Tasmania-2.jpgLaunceston Wedding Photographer Mad Keane Tasmania-3.jpgLaunceston Wedding Photographer Mad Keane Tasmania-4.jpgLaunceston Wedding Photographer Mad Keane Tasmania-5.jpgLaunceston Wedding Photographer Mad Keane Tasmania-6.jpgLaunceston Wedding Photographer Mad Keane Tasmania-7.jpgLaunceston Wedding Photographer Mad Keane Tasmania-8.jpg

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Happy New Year Tasmania 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Well its been a great little year at Mad Keane Photograpy. We’ve meet a range of funny, heart warming and generous people and have been privileged to photograph them.

Here is a little retrospective look at some of our favorite images from 2103.



Finally, to all our brides, grooms, the cute kids, the happy families, our friends and followers, stay safe and have a great 2014.

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Mel and Alex’s Westbury Wedding

Mel & Alex’s Westbury Wedding


Date | 7 December 2013

Launceston Wedding Photographer |Andrew Keane & Richard Cowling

Make Up Artist | Katie Hooper

Wedding Decorations | Event Avenue


Here are some of my favourite images from Mel and Alex’s Westbury Wedding.  Thanks guys for choosing our studio.

Mel & Alex came to see us after their initial photographer let them down by pulling out of their wedding.  They said they found us on the ‘net, and choose us as our style was different to what everyone else was doing.  This was great to hear, as we strive to stand out in two areas: top level movie star service to clients (even if it means shooting fewer weddings so we can offer better service); and the creation of  imagery that is different and dramatic and looks great hanging on the wall.  We shot their engagement also, (check it here) so by the time of the wedding we all knew each other really well.  We captured some ripper images, especially at the wedding, and can’t wait to see how they look in one of our hand built leather albums we are about to create.

One of the things I really enjoyed in this wedding was shooting the ‘bride getting ready shot’.  Mel and her bridesmaids were a lot of fun.  They all had great natural smiles, were really quick to laugh, and had me laughing half the time instead of shooting.  I can honestly say they are the best bridesmaids Ive photographed in 2013.  The makeup artist Katie also did a great job and Mel and Alex’s little daughter Sydney was sooooo cute I could have just photographed her all day if I didn’t have a wedding to worry about.


1 Launceston Wedding Photography King King-1.jpg1 Launceston Wedding Photography King King-2.jpg1 Launceston Wedding Photography King King-3.jpg1 Launceston Wedding Photography King King-4.jpg1 Launceston Wedding Photography King King-5.jpg1 Launceston Wedding Photography King King-6.jpg1 Launceston Wedding Photography King King-7.jpg

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Madmen Themed Engagement Shoot

Madmen Themed Engagement Shoot – 1960s Style


Engagement Photography – Belinda and Mark

Date | 23.11.13

Location: The Northern Club, Launceston

Launceston Wedding Photographer | Andrew Keane & Richard Cowling

Make Up Artist | Tahnii Marquis

Hair Stylist | Lara Gebka

Sunbeam Alpine Courtesy of Apple Isle Sports Car Hire

Mad Keane Photography recently did a 1960s Madmen Themed Engagement Shoot.  Themed shoots are a great way to have an engagement session that’s a bit different and far more fun than the usual stuff you see everywhere.  I mean there are only so many park shots and holding hands shots you can do, without it getting a bit staid.  I am always up for a themed shoot and was wrapped when Belinda and Mark agreed.  They wanted something different that had a bit of drama, romance and elegance without it being schmoozy, tacky or too saccharine.

I am a fan of the cinematography of the show Mad Men.  Mad Men is set in the 1960s, initially at the fictional Sterling Cooper advertising agency on Madison Avenue in New York City and has received widespread critical acclaim, particularly for its historical authenticity, visual style, costume design, acting, writing, and directing, and has won many awards, including fifteen Emmys and four Golden Globes.  I just like the colours they sue and the outfits which just ooze class and elegance from a bygone era when people took time to dress up.  I suggested a Mad Men theme and they agreed.

Belinda & Mark-99.jpg

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International Loupe Awards 2013

Several Awards for Mad Keane Photography


The International Loupe Awards were established in 2008 with a mission beyond that of most photographic competitions: To deliver opportunities that ensure wider exposure for photographers and allow them to gauge the perception of their work on the world stage”.  However, this is the first year I have found the time to enter them.  I submitted images to the International Loupe Awards 2013, which I had personally enjoyed shooting and thought best represented my unique style.  Overall that came to six portraits and one wedding image.


Silver Awards – Portraiture I was quite pleased to win six silver medals in the Amateur Portrait and Illustrative categories.

Silver Awards – People & Portraits



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